Located in the heart of 'New' Girdwood, our cozy little bookstore and coffee shop welcomes tourists and locals alike.

We sell, used books, greeting cards, local gifts, crafts, magazines, whole bean coffee, zip-up and pullover 'grind' hoodies and other cool trinkets. Actually, the stuff we sell is getting strange. The way we like it.

The warm earth-tone atmosphere invites patrons to browse through the books or buzz on the beans. We aim to provide a welcoming place to study, plot a scheme to bring the Starbucks Coffee Corporation lower than the belly of a sea snake, web surf, read a book, chit chat about nonlinear equations, or plan the next back country adventure.

We serve Raven’s Brew Coffee and Espresso from Ketchikan, AK, along with a variety of hand-picked local pastries and snacks. Whole bean or ground coffee is available in a variety of blends from Raven's Brew and Girdwood's own, Glacier Valley Roasters. Along with the books, we have magazines and local newspapers, local arts and crafts for sale, and most manners of coffee paraphernalia. We’ve got instruments and games to play with friends, and the wireless internet is free!

We’ve worked hard with the recent renovations to create a special place for the people of Girdwood and the many travelers who help support our quiet little mountain town.

We hope to make your drinks the way YOU like them. At present, our baristas are:

Kyla (Kye-Lah)
Jeremy (sprinkles)
Amber (Amber)
John (Gator)

Let us know if your drink sucks cause we'll fix it right. What a pain it would be to pay for a $4 drink and have it be shitty.

You'll find us at:

236 Hightower Rd.
Girdwood, Alaska

Across from the Post Office and adjacent to the Clinic.

...our top Research and Development analyst suggested we post our location. You can also find us at Google Maps.


I'm finishin' my coffee,..